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A lover before, but now a stranger

Hi. This will be the last time that I will think about you.

You are a kind, intelligent and sweet guy but also you are self-centered, short-tempered person.
A guy who says what he wants and do what he wants. You are really a bad guy, seriously.
Good boy outside but bad guy inside, maybe to the person that met you shortly. But then you said to me those things.
And I realized.

"Ah, I get it. Alam ko na kung bakit ka nagkakaganyan."

It's because something is happening to you. You can't have a child.

When you said to me that night, that your long term ex-girlfriend left you because of that reason I think..
Maybe she's not the one for you, coz if you like that person he/she will not let you go no matter what, he/she will
understand the situation.

Well.. there's science it'll help you to get a baby if you like.

He also said to me that night that some of his friends teach him how to do drug pills, and I was really shocked and
said "why?!".

"Hindi naman dahil malungkot ako or whatsoever but I wanna die"

When he said that to me it strucked me, I can't response because that was the first time a person told me that he wants to die.

And I just said "ano ka ba, ang dami dami gusto mabuhay sa mundo.. You have everything that you have; money, carrer.."

But then he didn't replied.

That was the last time that we saw each other until now.

I still want to be her girl to heal him, but what will I do he said that he only see me as a friend, and I have nothing to do with that.
If fate has a way, there will be a way.
I want to remove all his pains in his heart, I don't want him to feel that he is alone. I want him to see that I AM HERE NO MATTER WHAT. Call me stupid but I will do it..

But who am I.. I'm just a girl that you met somewhere where the trust is not that strong enough to prove.

I'm really hoping that someday we will meet again, and the red string will tie to our each others wrist that connects our heart to be back again.

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